Grade 1 Puppy Improvers - Saturday 13th January (1.30pm)

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Grade 1 Puppy Improvers - Saturday 13th January (1.30pm)


***£10 off this class on the 17th and 18th December when you use code "ADVENTDAY17" at checkout - check out our FB group for more advent day offers***

This class is open to all graduates of Widget's puppy lifeskills class and our adolescent graduates which are comfortable working in close contact with unfamiliar dogs.  (New adolescent dogs to Widget's Farm should join our "Adolescent Skills" class first)

Dogs will be able to work towards their Widget's Farm Grade 1 Rosette which include assessments on self control around strangers / dogs, heelwork, emergency stops, sit stays, recalls, scentwork and more.  Owners can choose whether to undertake the relaxed grade 1 assessment at the end of each 4 week course.  It is important that each dog is traind at their own pace, so dog's may continue on successive grade 1 courses until ready for the assessment.

Every month there will also be the opportunity to join a field trip for £10. This will enable owners to gain feedback on their skills in real life situations.

Dogs and owners also learn handling skills important for the adolescent stage and how to deal with common problems.  Dogs will have the opportunity to train around other dogs in a safe and secure environment. 

Additional adolescent skills...

•             Safe dog–dog interactions

•             Improving attention on owners around varied distractions

•             Watching for, and responding to, nervous behaviours

•             Reducing frustration and improving self-control

•             Training under distraction.

•             Training games and more…

The class is open to any young dog between 5 and 24 months, who has attended the Widget's Farm puppy lifeskills class.

The whys and what nots...

Where: Widget's Farm, Standerwick, BA112PR

When: 1.30pm Saturday 13th January

Cost: £70

Duration: 50 mins each week for four weeks.  

What will you need: dog, human, reinforcers, sense of humour

Do call Widget's Farm (07900 403126) if you would like any more information.  Further course details (directions etc) will be sent out in the week before class starts.

Please note: Training will take place indoors and outdoors depending on weather. The site has a certain level of disabled access however those with mobility problems should call beforehand to check suitability.  Our normal booking T&Cs apply (see link on right hand side of webpages) and allow refunds up to 30 days before the course starts minus the cancellation fee. 


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