Why Widget's Farm?

At Widget's Farm we believe in the amazing skills of companion animals, skills that have co-evolved over thousands of years of living alongside humans.  But even with such a long relationship, sometimes things go a little wrong, and both you and your pet can end up wondering what the other wants.

Pets can develop problems for all sorts of reasons and it is not a reflection on you as a owner.  At Widget's Farm we support owners by correctly assessing a pet's specific issues and then providing simple, but effective, treatment.  

Widget's Farm is a company founded on expertise and strong client support.  Anna has an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour and undertakes continued professional development to ensures all assessments and treatments are based on the latest scientific understanding of companion animal behaviour.  Anna is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), an Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).

What can we help?

The list is endless but here are some typical problems:


  • Showing aggression to people or other pets

  • Barking and lunging on the lead

  • Excessive barking at anything and everything

  • Barking when guests enter your home

  • Pulling on walks or even not wanting to walk

  • Going to the toilet in the house

  • Barking and destruction when left alone

  • Reactive to noises or cowering and attempting to hide when hearing noises

  • Showing fear in certain situations

  • Eating their own, or another animal's, faeces.

  • Problems with car travel

  • Ignoring you when you call them

  • Overly quiet and not seeking interaction

  • Confusion in older animals

  • Repetitive behaviours such as excessive tail chasing, licking and scratching

The “Behaviour Package”

To increase the chance for long-term success, all new behaviour clients are supported for around a month after their initial consult. This support package includes: the initial 2-3 hour consult at your home; vet liaison and updates where needed; weekly phone support through the first month, an email summary of the training protocols, and then a final 1 hour training session at Widget’s Farm at the end of the month. The total cost for the package is £200 and may be covered by your pet insurance if you have any.

Next steps: If you are interested in booking a behaviour package…

  • Please give us a call for a chat or email us with a time when it would OK to call you - 07900403126 or info@widgetsfarm.co.uk

  • We will take some basic details and arrange a suitable time for you to have your initial consult - please note that there is often a 2 week wait for the initial appointments.

  • Once we have agreed an appointment time with you, you will be sent a confirmation email which includes a vet referral form. You will need to ask your vet to sign this before the consult. (Download the vet referral form)

  • Then we start your behaviour package and helping your pet and family feel happier again!

Ongoing support - rehab classes

Many of our behaviour clients are happy with the progress they make during the behaviour package and feel confident in the techniques provided and how to keep applying them. Some of our clients may want to take their success even further and we run rehab classes where nervous dogs can further increase their exposure to triggers in a controlled environment. Depending on your insurance, you may find that the rehab classes are also covered by your insurance.

So don't let a problem fester, seek professional help early and get back to enjoying all that pet ownership brings.